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/ ForXtoday is the day ' when I shall give due to the nearly forgotten cultural traditions of my long lost > \home!/...Do you really have to wear that stupid mask today?Does Trixie have to make out with her own plushie everyday? What kind of question is that Twily its obviously . a yes. *Only been

Thanks! And my name is Bulk!Ha-ha, sure, whatever you say buddy!A-Anon, wait...!ALRIGHT OKAY IM IN HEAT I GET IT! ENOUGH WITH THE DUMB JOKES!Yo! Yo, Snowflake, my dude! Great game last week, you really brought the heat down on them, eh, eh? Keep it up!~AMan, Twily, have; seen how ripped this guy

O-Okay Twilight, first of all, calm down - everythings fine, everythings completely fine. So what if you just told the entire town youre in heat, i-i-its a perfectly normal AO-o-oh, who I am kidding, its a disaster!A-And its all Dur fault! How-Twily, baby, I know its not an easy feat for a horsey,

Ukay, m-mayoe i couia ten everypony 1 it was an evil changeling trying to embarrass me. v._______________Y-Ypah thatVI work________________Enveloping the whole town in a wet blanket of lavender and sinful thoughts, it revealed your horrible secret to everyone with a nose in a two-mile radius^O-Or I

And now do you really think anyponyd hate you over something like that silly little blunder? Man, Twilight, I bet they all think it was adorable. I know I do.7 Everypony loves you, baby. I mean, ' mostly because theres no way not to love somepony as cute as you, but theres also that thing where you

' Your whole body feels hot a-a-and gross and awkward, and everything and everypony you look at makes you imagine... things with you and them, and no matter what you do you just, you just can t think straight at all, Anon, you can t V think straight at all! And thinking [Vis like all Im good

Maybe they just didnt try hard enough.Oh, you know.Maybe they just needed to give you something more than tricks and toys...7 And breed you silly ' until youre a shivering,drooling mess,Maybe they just needed to spread you out on this here table, mount you...,Twilight Sparkle,mane 6,my little

...A-Are we... s-still talking... about my f-friends?^ Were talking about \ someone who would be happy to help you with your little v problem here and now.Heres a hint: that someone is me. That maybe wasnt very subtle, but Id really be very, very happy to help you.Oh, and I can tell youre enjoying

' Remember how you ' said you planned to tell me about your little problem when we get back home?And just what is that you were planning to do after you tell me?I-I was actually planning to ask you to visit Zecora and see if she has some kind of remedy for myOH,COME ON!JUST KISS ALREADY!,Twilight

See, what did I tell you? They love their little princess, Twi.In a creepy follow-your-every-step kinda way, but I mean I can respect thatJXOOFVtIHow long do you think they were 1 up there? I bet just long enough ^1 to spark some fresh, juicy gossip> and youre not listening areI think, I think now

And as much as I love seeing you blush, its not like you to be so coy around me., not a beenSo just why now, of all times......What in Sunbutts name is going on? I mean come on, Twily, Im not blind.Or deaf. Or smell... less... I have a nose.We both know you need it.Why are you holding back so

I see you and ' Anon are back from the /I [ Wait, whats I V that smell?Hey Twilight!Wow Twily, did you get it? You said nopony will bother us, and it was, in fact, not a pony! What a hilarious turn of events that is! What a twist! k What a corned.Hey Rarity!I just put abarrier over the entire

Y-You never... You never smelled s-so good before...And you never were so eager to get into my pants before either, Twi.----------------jrkrnu.;ouworeSt... mnn...Just hormones okay.But hey, you know what else do you need?works.Completely normal. . and mmnnatural..^ I just need to... T^Just need a

H-Hey! What's that for?Youre not good with your horn when youre horny, Twi.Remember that time when you telepoofd us smack in the middle of that big fancy meeting Celly was hosting?Oh, you do?I think I have an idea...Cause Im sure the guests still do. My shiny human backside is not something one can

You'rehaving-t^3|^ / i JrArrjfv \ A\\^ f 1u ^r ^ AW u \\m\'MK- ;vF needed thisL so badly...Dxt(J,Twilight Sparkle,mane 6,my little pony,,,mlp porn comics,mlp porn,r34,Alcor90,artist

on my account,.mmmyousaysomethin?.Mmkay./ \mj|dIf ,Twilight Sparkle,mane 6,my little pony,,,mlp porn comics,mlp porn,r34,Alcor90,artist

Now, take it easy Twily, you dont have toy.v\1/\| ) ini1 n r / 1I w)A f li I \/ l\MV,Twilight Sparkle,mane 6,my little pony,,,mlp porn comics,mlp porn,r34,Alcor90,artist

...Okay, that... went a bit too far there, How about we slowly L backoff......Or...^...We could do the exact opposite...?!-,Twilight Sparkle,mane 6,my little pony,,,mlp porn comics,mlp porn,r34,Alcor90,artist

.You know...I'm not exactly a qulckshot, but....1 think.I'm about to.n wait any longer, me. Right now..sorry.Oh baby, please tell me 1 you're alright! I don't know l how are we gonna finish I what we started if you ( land in the hospital! I mean they're still mad at me j i from the last time!

You sure you don't want me to return the fa--Yes. Yes. Yes, I'm sure, i I'm more than sure, I've never been so sure in my life that if you spend another moment not making love to me, I'm going to pin you down k and ride you into a next week.f What, that's it 1 for the foreplay?A bit anticlimactic,.

What, can't a guy take a moment to admire the view?WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG?!come oncome oncome oncome oncome on7 No! The > only thing you can do is shut up and rut , V me! JWell If you say so, Your Highness...Aaactually.Ahh??!m ^TL L \ r L V i1|/m^r/4,Twilight Sparkle,mane 6,my little pony,,,mlp

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* Our train needs A FOURTH UAGON V,Princess Luna,royal,my little pony,,Princess Celestia,Princess Cadence,,futa exotic type,futanari,,mlp porn,r34,mlp anthro,futa on futa,zwitterkitsune,artist

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